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AWAKE believes that creating an emotionally literate society makes the world a better place. When one is emotionally literate they have the ability to articulate their emotions and underlying universal needs in positive ways that affirm the worth and dignity in themselves and in others. Through AWAKE’s worship services, workshops/classes, coaching, and consulting work, we help people from all backgrounds live into their true potential.

AWAKE also believes that the “Beloved Community” "heaven", "paradise" will be an emotionally literate time when humans learn to live in harmony with themselves and others. We teach balance and how to manage aspirations and face fears. AWAKE believes that when people practice compassion and empathy they do less harm in society. When people do less harm they are in harmony with what is best in themselves and others; their “Christ or Buddha consciousness” emerges. To learn more about our weekly worship go here.

Actualize your Wisdom Awaken to your Karma and Engage the process!


AWAKE Ministries is a faith-based multicultural movement of human reconciliation that edifies the worth and dignity in all human beings by inspiring and empowering them to live bold and compassionate lives. We strategically partner with progressive congregations and community organizations through interfaith worship, emotional literacy workshops and classes, life-coaching, and consultations.

May it be so!

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